Another Jew Hating University Group Does The Unthinkable

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In a striking display of political activism, a group of Duke University students staged a walkout during their own graduation ceremony as comedian Jerry Seinfeld was introduced to speak.


The students, brandishing Palestinian flags, chose this moment of celebration to make a statement about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—a move that has sparked intense debate across the political spectrum.

The walkout at Duke University’s graduation ceremony was not just an isolated incident; it was emblematic of the growing trend of campus activism that often puts universities at the center of political and ideological battles. As Jerry Seinfeld, a figure largely apolitical and beloved for his eponymous sitcom about everyday quirks, took the stage, these students saw an opportunity to voice their dissent on an international issue that resonates deeply with them.

According to reports from the scene, as Seinfeld’s name was announced, approximately a dozen students rose from their seats. They were seen holding up flags and wearing stoles adorned with Palestinian colors before exiting Wallace Wade Stadium where the commencement was being held. This act of protest comes amidst heightened tensions in the Middle East and reflects a broader conversation about free speech and political expression on college campuses.

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