BREAKING: Klaus Schwab Resigns as World Economic Forum Chairman. #GreatReset

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Klaus Schwab, founder and long-time executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), emailed staff on Tuesday to announce his intent to step down.

The email indicated that Schwab, who has led the organization since 1971, will move to a non-executive chairman role. The transition is awaiting approval from the Swiss government and is anticipated to be completed before the WEF’s annual meeting in 2025.

Under Schwab’s leadership, the unaccountable corporate-backed giant has grown significantly, generating nearly $500 million in revenue in the fiscal year ending March 2023.

The organization also has reserves of approximately 200 million Swiss francs. Upon Schwab’s departure from the executive role, his family’s involvement with the WEF will continue.

Schwab’s children have been appointed to high-ranking positions within the organization, and his wife, Hilde, oversees the WEF’s foundation and its awards ceremonies in Davos.

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