Lawfare Has Kept Trump Rallies to a Minimum: 18 in 2024 Compared to 132 During Same Time Period in 2016
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What Would Happen if Trump Ordered FBI Raid on Bathhouse Barry’s D.C. Mansion and Authorized Use of “Deadly Force?”

Hitting the campaign trail for the first time during his New York criminal trial, former President Donald Trump told a group of his supporters on April 16 that the courtroom was affecting his ability to see the people.

“They want to keep me off the campaign trail, but based on what I am doing, I think there is more press here than if I went to a nice location,” Trump said.

Trump has hosted just a fraction of his famous campaign rallies during 2024 that he did in 2016, an analysis by the Daily Caller found. In 2016, from Jan. 1 to May 7, Trump held 132 rallies across 43 states. During the same date range in 2024, the former president has held just 24 rallies in 11 states.

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