Memo Reveals Secret Obama-Era Program That Could Destroy Jack Smith’s Classified Docs Case
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We already know that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was completely unjustified and unnecessary for many reasons (including that Trump and his attorneys were already talking with the DOJ to resolve any document issues that were outstanding) and over the last few weeks we’ve learned that the case itself is even more manufactured than previously believed. 

As Bob Hoge wrote:

Judge Aileen Cannon indefinitely postponed Special Counsel Jack Smith’s classified docs prosecution of Donald Trump Tuesday because the DOJ failed to correctly preserve key evidence. The ruling is a big blow to Smith and the DOJ, and throws the future of their case into doubt. 

Smith’s team humiliated itself when it admitted to the judge that he had tampered with the documents, which is incredibly ironic given that’s what the Special Counsel is attempting to jail the former president for.

Now we’re learning that due to a secret Obama-era program, the Presidential Information Technology Committee (PITC), there’s a very good chance that the Biden Administration has had control of the originals of many, or all of the documents at issue this entire time.

The PITC was created in March 2015 by Executive Order in response to an October 2014 incident in which Russian hackers breached Executive Office of the President computers.

The committee includes representatives of the DOD and Homeland Security, and establishes that the President controls all the information he receives through the network.

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