The 5 Major Facets of the Great Reset That Are Now Upon Us

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By S.D. Wells, Natural News • Jun. 4, 2024

Beware of your environment every second of every day, as the country and nation we once knew gets dismantled, by the most corrupt humanoids to ever walk the planet.

All around us lurks toxic food, toxic people, brainwashed people and the most corrupt politicians the United States of America has ever known. If you think the pandemic wasn’t the “button” that activated the Great Reset, think again.

Now that the fake-news-brainwashed sheeple believe that the government was working “in their best interest” when they enforced lockdowns, masks, social distancing and deadly mRNA injections, the psychotic leaders in Washington DC have accomplished half the goal. America is on the precipice, peering over the steepest cliff, without a rope or safety net.

Food is being adulterated worse than ever before. Besides 90 percent of all American food being genetically modified, processed and partially synthetic, now livestock are being shot up with billions of spike prions, and this carries into the dairy and eggs too. Got prion milk? What’s for dinner? Prion beef or spike protein chicken?

Here are the 5 major facets of the Great Reset that are already 3 years in the making

  1. All agriculture is being adulterated and toxin-filled, including all animal by-products as well as all grains.
  2. About 100 million or more Americans are either deathly sick or dead, and quickly being replaced by a whole new world of illegal immigrants.
  3. Most Americans are completely distracted while the government’s ongoing agenda moves forward to REMOVE all people’s rights, land ownership, MONEY and guns. Distractions include, but are not limited to, race-bating, pornography, gender confusion and perverting children’s minds and bodies through twisted curriculum, television and social media. Plus add in skyrocketing inflation, proxy wars and more attempted prosecutions of Trump.
  4. Over 270 million Americans are injected with billions of mRNA protein prions that mimic deadly viruses, travel throughout the entire vascular system and can merge inside the body to form clots, CNS disorders, immune disorders, cancer, dementia and death (including to fetuses).
  5. The masses never challenge the status quo, “official narratives” on war, disease or medicine (the few who do are completely censored), and there is only one form of “news” and that’s N.W.O. communist propaganda.


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