Dr. Phil Asks Trump About His Plan for Revenge, and His Answer is STUNNING

In a recent interview that has garnered widespread attention, Dr. Phil engaged in a lengthy discussion with former President Donald Trump.

One of the most notable moments in their conversation occurred when Dr. Phil broached the topic of revenge with Trump, an issue that has resonated with many viewers.

The prevailing sentiment is that Trump, often perceived as a political target, may have legitimate grounds to seek retribution against those who have made him a prime focus of scrutiny in American history.

However, the question arises: is this approach in the best interest of the nation? Trump doesn’t think so.

He acknowledged that while there are instances where seeking revenge may be justifiable, he emphasized the possibility of achieving revenge through success. In his own words, “Maybe we have revenge through success … I want to see the country survive.”


It is evident that Trump’s stance on revenge reflects a desire for national prosperity rather than personal vindication—a viewpoint that sharply contrasts with the image painted by his political opponents.

Moreover, it is worth emphasizing that Donald Trump believes that the ultimate form of retribution for him would be synonymous with America’s achievement and triumph—a notion divergent from the portrayal by Democrats who depict him as an authoritarian figure.

This interview encapsulates a significant aspect of Trump’s outlook and approach to governance.

His belief in prioritizing national success over personal grievances underscores his commitment to advancing America’s interests. This emphasis on collective prosperity aligns with his vision for a resilient and thriving nation.

Furthermore, this perspective sheds light on Trump’s capacity for resilience and determination in facing adversity.

Rather than succumbing to feelings of animosity or resentment, he champions the idea of channeling such emotions into constructive pursuits that benefit not only himself but also the greater good.

Gotta love the guy!

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