‘Blatant Lie!’: Biden Team’s Attack on Fox News Backfires Big Time

Story by Charlotte White • 15h

The Biden campaign’s social media account claimed a Fox News host lied by attributing a cap on Medicare insulin costs to former President Trump rather than current President Biden.

“Fox host tries to claim Trump, not President Biden, capped insulin at $35/month FACT CHECK: This is a blatant lie. Trump did not cap insulin costs, President Biden did for seniors through the Inflation Reduction Act. Trump’s Project 2025 wants to repeal it, which would raise insulin costs for over a million Americans,” the Biden account wrote.

However, critics quickly fact-checked the campaign and countered with evidence that Trump had instituted a $35 monthly cap on insulin copays for seniors in 2020, while Biden upon taking office froze the policy before reinstating a similar cap under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Other argued Biden stalled the initial plan to instead take credit for the idea himself after systematically reversing many other Trump policies.

“This account is becoming a regular source of disinformation,” one X user said.

“Fact check: Biden froze Trump’s order and made seniors pay the extra costs for years so he could steal the idea as his,” another said.

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