Federal Courts Invalidates Restrictions on Bump-Stocks and Pistol Braces

In a significant series of rulings that underscore the ongoing judicial support for Second Amendment rights, the Supreme Court has struck down federal bans on bump-stock devices and a United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas shot down the pistol braces restriction.

These legal determinations mark a considerable victory for firearm owners and advocates, who have long argued that such regulations overreach constitutional bounds and infringe upon personal freedoms.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, as reported by MSN, invalidates the ATF’s ban on bump-stocks. The court’s decision emphasized that the agency overstepped its regulatory authority by redefining the statutory term “machine gun” to include bump-stock devices.

The ruling stated, “A plain reading of the statutory text does not support the classification of bump-stocks as machine guns.” This judicial rebuke underscores the importance of adhering to statutory language and respecting legislative intent, rather than allowing regulatory bodies to extend their reach through reinterpretation of existing laws.

Simultaneously, another landmark ruling dealt a blow to the ATF’s regulation on pistol braces.

These braces, initially designed to assist disabled shooters, have been adopted widely by the gun community for their ability to enhance the stability and accuracy of certain firearms. The ATF’s attempt to regulate pistol braces under the same stringent rules applied to short-barreled rifles was similarly struck down by the courts. In the decision, the judges highlighted that the ATF’s rule was not only “unconstitutional and illegal” but also lacked clarity and consistency, creating undue burden and confusion for law-abiding gun owners.

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