Trump Mocks Obama’s Handling of Biden, Ridicules AI Excuses From White House

In a recent development, former President Donald Trump has leveled sharp criticism at former President Barack Obama for his treatment of President Joe Biden.

During a public appearance, Trump accused Obama of treating Biden like a “child” by leading him off stage, a gesture he described as belittling and indicative of a broader disrespect.

Trump: “Joe Biden is humiliating our country on the world stage … He’s blaming it now on AI Video:

‘You know I love Milwaukee,’ Trump said at the top of his remarks to a crowd just 30 miles south of the Wisconsin city, and in reference to the host city of the 2024 Convention said: ‘I’m the one who picked Milwaukee, you know.’

‘Crooked Joe and his handlers are insisting he’s sharper than ever and they say the videos of Crooked Joe shuffling around are clean fakes. You know what a clean fake is? They’re deceptively edited,’ Trump said, using the incorrect term for ‘deep fake.’

‘They say they’re deceptively edited,’ he continued. ‘All of the mistakes that he’s made every day. He can’t go anywhere without a mistake.’

‘He looked like he didn’t know where the hell he was, but he didn’t know where he was. He’s blaming it now on AI. He’s saying it’s AI. He doesn’t know what AI is – but that’s OK,’ Trump said.

‘They’re saying the media’s manipulation – oh, he’s saying the media is manipulating now? On that one I have to stick up for the media,’ the former president chuckled.

‘He said the media’s manipulating the pictures of him constantly not knowing where the hell he is. They’re doing just the opposite that make them look better.’

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