‘Gender-Affirming’ Treatment Gets Shattered by New Study

Huge percentage of kids with transgender feelings ‘grow out of it’

Another study has confirmed the scientifically supportable but politically blasphemous belief that most children who report transgender feelings actually, if left alone, grow out of them.

The New York Post reports that confirmation comes from a “transgender expert.”

In it Riittakerttu Kaltiala, psychiatrist who presided over youth gender transition treatments for years, confirmed 80% of those children who question their gender “eventually accept their bodies if no medical interventions are carried out.”

Kaltiala is a leading scientist regarding pediatric gender medicine in Finland and operates at the country’s largest gender clinic.

In an interview with a publication, Helsingin Sanomal, she said 12 separate studies support that statement.

In America, instructions for teachers to use a child’s “chosen” pronouns are common, and often include orders that prevent them from sharing that information with a child’s parents.

But those name and pronoun alternations are “a message saying that ‘this is the right path for you,’” she said.

“The developmental mission of youth is not helped by the fact that young people’s self-expression is supported and directed from the outside,” she added. “The environment should also not commit to identity experiments in a way that might make a later change of direction anxiety-inducing.”

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