Fake News CNN – Rewriting History Again!

I think I may have just seen the thing that ends any argument about CNN being any type of legitimate news outlet.

They recently aired a “people on the street” style segment where they asked Trump supporters if the United States is a democracy. Predictably, these folks said no, explaining that we are a constitutional republic.

And you guys… CNN lost it! They even brought in an “expert” to tell their audience that “there are people around Trump who want Americans to think that we aren’t a democracy, so they are spreading that…”

It was all very serious and concerning. Lots of furrowed brows and hand-wringing and dramatic music. Rather than appreciating these Americans for their knowledge of our nation’s history and constitutional framework, CNN chose to bash them, painting them as conspiratorial, stupid, and anti-democracy.

They actually think that having an understanding of our government’s structure is some kind of extremism.

I mean, the fact is, we are indeed a constitutional republic.

Sure, we have democratic elements, but calling our system a pure democracy ignores the unique design by our Founding Fathers who were doing their best to create a system that could keep, as my friend Sen. Mike Lee says, “democratic impulses in check.”

These safeguards are what make our republic unique. Our Founders were wise enough to recognize that pure democracies often lead to mob rule and tyranny of the majority. That’s why they established a system where individual rights are protected from the whims of the majority.

We’ve reached peak crazy when simply stating the truth about our form of government is twisted and manipulated to be seen as something bad or dangerous.

Orwell sure saw our day when he wrote that, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.”

When did understanding our system of government become controversial?

This whole mess exemplifies why we created the Tuttle Twins America’s History books and curriculum to begin with.

Our goal is to educate kids (and parents too!) about the true history and foundational principles of our nation. If more people understood these principles, perhaps we wouldn’t see so many misleading narratives from major news outlets.

(Or at least we’d see fewer people taking them seriously!)

Election season is upon us, so as annoying as all the misinformation and lies we’ll be seeing slung around for the next several months is, it’s a great time to have some serious teaching moments with our kids.

As parents, it’s our job to provide them with the foundational knowledge they need to navigate the media’s misinformation—to know how to think rather than just adopting whatever narrative they’re told to believe.

So, whether you’re prepping for next year’s homeschool lessons or just wanting to supplement your kid’s knowledge of the true history of this country and its unique system of government, now is the perfect time to check out our America’s History books and curriculum.

The people who want to rewrite our history aren’t taking any time off, and we can’t afford too either.

It’s up to parents like you, using resources like ours, to snatch back the narrative from the liars and manipulators who want to remake the world in their image.

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