Faith-Based Gold IRA Company Reveals Secrets About Americans’ Retirement

The precious metals industry has developed a rough reputation over the last couple of years, especially as it pertains to retirement accounts. With all of the angst many Americans are feeling about the economy, gold companies have pounced on the opportunity to take advantage of people’s fears.

One company stands out from the crowd for two reasons. Genesis Gold Group is a faith-driven company named after the first book of the Bible. As such, they operate with the mission of helping Americans maintain proper financial stewardship.

The other reason they stand out is because the faithful principles that drive them translate into doing business very differently from other gold companies. They hold their principles above profits which means Genesis Gold Group is compelled to protect their clients’ retirement portfolios through honesty and integrity.

Here are three secrets about the precious metals industry that other companies don’t want you to know…

One of the dirtiest little secrets in the precious metals industry is that nothing is truly free. Many if not most companies offer “free” silver to their customers. To do this, they raise the prices of the metals they sell their customers. Unfortunately, this price gouging often means they charge far more than the $5,000 or $10,000 in silver that they are giving away for “free.”

Genesis Gold Group prices directly and transparently. They do not offer free silver even though it’s a great marketing ploy because to do so would be to act dishonorably. Instead, they simply offer their products straight up with no gimmicks.

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A Proper Mix of Metals With Retirement in Mind

Another dirty secret in the industry is that most companies only offer high-profit coins and bars for their IRAs. Numismatic or collectible coins are popular because they have a strong potential for appreciation, but they also make gold companies the highest profits.

This is fine for those who do not plan on touching any of their retirement for the next couple of decades, but it’s not ideal for those who plan to use parts of their retirement before then or who will be required to take distributions in the near future. An all-numismatic IRA is also unfavorable should emergencies arise.

Genesis Gold Group works with their clients to craft the best mix of metals to fit their individual needs. This means having numismatic, bullion, and utility metals that have different advantages to fit the various scenarios their clients may experience in the future.

FOMO Sells

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is wielded like a sword by precious metals companies. It can manifest as a “loophole” the companies allegedly know about that others do not. It can be a special, “secret” government program that’s about to end any day now. It could even be the insinuation that precious metals are going to go through the roof very soon based on “insider” information these companies pretend to have.

Genesis Gold Group does not operate out of FOMO. Their educational approach focuses on understanding their clients’ needs and offering their expertise to help meet them. Being good stewards means Genesis Gold Group refuses to utilize high pressure sales tactics or fearmongering.

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Reach out to Genesis Gold Group today to receive a free, definitive gold guide.

Our goal at Genesis Gold Group is to help both first-time buyers as well as experienced investors. Our team of precious metals professionals is with you every step of the way, as we assist you in setting up your Gold IRA in 3 easy steps.

They help Americans every day to protect their life’s savings with physical precious metals.



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