Jack Smith Admits FBI Doctored Evidence to Produce Stunt Photos of Classified Docs During Raid

Special Counsel Jack Smith has acknowledged President Trump’s request to dismiss the case involving classified documents on the basis of evidence tampering.

Smith confirmed that the FBI manipulated evidence to create staged images of classified documents during the Mar-a-Lago raid.


The FBI took photos of the documents with cover sheets and publicly released them to damage Trump.

HOLY SH*T: Special Counsel Jack Smith just admitted the FBI added cover sheets to alleged classified documents found at MAL and took photos for evidence.

This confirms my report from last month that the FBI doctored evidence to produce stunt photos of classified docs at MAL: pic.twitter.com/XOZgolQK6M

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) June 25, 2024

Jack Smith recently confessed that the FBI tampered with the boxes holding “classified” documents confiscated from Trump and cannot guarantee the order or arrangement of the documents.

This admission was made in response to a footnote in the motion, revealing that the FBI had indeed manipulated the boxes containing the seized documents.

This contradicts previous assurances from the DOJ to the Court that the original placement of classified documents had been preserved, indicating a breach of trust.

Footnote 3The Government acknowledges that this is inconsistent with what Government counsel previously understood and represented to the Court. See, e.g., 4/12/24 Hearing Tr. at 65 (Government responding to the Court’s question of whether the boxes were “in their original, intact form as seized” by stating “[t]hey are, with one exception; and that is that the classified documents have been removed and placeholders have been put in the documents”

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The DOJ in August 2022 lied to the Court when they claimed the red, blue and yellow sheets shown in the viral photo of the classified documents indicated their classification status.

The FBI admitted they messed with Trump’s documents! The FBI used cover sheets as placeholders for the classified documents.

“After the boxes were brought to WFO, the FBI created an index to correlate the documents with classification markings to codes (e.g., document “bb”) and labeled the classified cover sheets in the boxes with the codes for the seized documents. The FBI also generally replaced the handwritten sheets with classified cover sheets annotated with the index code, but regardless, any handwritten sheets that currently remain in the boxes do not represent additional classified documents—they were just not removed when the classified cover sheets with the index code were added. In many but not all instances, the FBI was able to determine which document with classification markings corresponded to a particular placeholder sheet.”

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