Americans Can Save Our Constitution From Organized Federal Judicial Corruption—Here’s How

By Manuel P. Asensio – Chairman of St. Johns County Presidential Republican Executive Committee

To save our Constitution, we must unite and insist that President Donald J. Trump confront John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and chief executive officer of the US Judicial Conference in Washington, D.C.

President Trump beat Hillary, but he did not beat the alliances Roberts had with former president Obama. Now President Trump must end Roberts’s reign of personal corruption in America.

It is at the US Judicial Conference where Roberts and the federal judges rig the nation’s trial and appeal processes to suit their own personal interests. It is here where the federal judges have taken over the Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act – our two greatest legislatively created laws. Congress specifically created these laws to protect you and your family’s peace of mind and property from corrupt federal judges and the lawyers they use to get what they want.

Congress explicitly designed these two anti-judicial corruption laws to prevent federal judges from stepping outside of their very narrow constitutionally prescribed lane. These are the two laws that the president and Congress created to keep judges in their proper place and lawyers in their place.

Most lawyers have never heard of or much less ever worked with the US Judicial Conference, the Judicial Conduct Act, and the Rules Enactment Act. The reason for this is simple. These two laws are bad for the business of America’s judicial industrial complex and good for freedom.

The Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act are meant to prevent judges and lawyers from taking control of due process and the rule of law in America. These two laws are the cornerstones of preserving, protecting, and perpetuating the Constitution’s great values of independence, liberty, and principles of the separation and limits on the powers of government.

To save our Constitution, we must discard the notion that lawyers have an interest in defending our Constitution. Without corrupt lawyers, there would be no organized judicial corruption. It is the lawyers who have sold us a bill of goods that federal judges get to regulate the Judicial Conduct Act and the Rules Enactment Act and then rule over the Constitution.

It is the lawyers that have joined together with the federal judges to create a so called “post-modern society.” This post-modern is nonsense but good business for lawyers. This is why federal judges have become metaphors for pretentiousness, hypocrisy, collective denial, or hollowness – we all see the absurdity of judges and lawyers pretending to be straight when they are not.

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