Deep State Connections: CNN’s Debate Moderators Unveiled

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The role of CNN’s debate moderators in perpetuating a fraudulent anti-Trump narrative, has come under intense scrutiny. A recent exposé reveals troubling connections between CNN’s debate moderation and the so-called Deep State’s efforts to undermine former President Donald Trump.

CNN has long faced accusations of bias, but these revelations cast a new light on the extent to which the network’s personnel may have been complicit in efforts to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

Jake Tapper, the network’s lead Washington anchor and Dana Bash, a senior political correspondent and anchor for CNN, have emerged as central figures in this controversy.

Both are intimately connected to former deep-state officials who pushed the now-discredited Steele Dossier and the hoax that reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop was a product of Russian election meddling. The duo will preside over the first presidential debate Thursday between Trump and President Joe Biden.

According to the Daily Caller, Bash’s involvement in orchestrating a false anti-Trump campaign is now undeniable. Bash, alongside other CNN moderators, has consistently demonstrated a bias against Trump, raising questions about their objectivity and impartiality. This bias has manifested in various forms, from skewed questioning during debates to outright comparisons of Trump to historical tyrants, as highlighted by the New York Post.

The New York Post details how tonight’s debate moderators have a long history of attacking Trump, with some even going as far as to liken him to Adolf Hitler. Such comparisons are not only baseless but also serve to inflame partisan tensions and undermine the credibility of the media. The decision to appoint moderators with such clear biases calls into question the integrity of the debate process itself.

Jake Tapper, the network’s lead Washington anchor, has called the 45th president a “desperate electoral loser” in the past, suggested Trump spread “Russian propaganda” — and has said that if re-elected, the former president will try to “kill democracy.

“He did try to kill democracy once, and he’s going to try to do it again,” Tapper said on air in December 2021. “But this time with a little help from his friends.”

Tapper also has compared Trump’s language about “poisoning the blood of our country” to Hitler’s manifesto “Mein Kampf,” and in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riots, suggested that Trump incited a “terrorist attack” on America.

“If you were to open up a copy of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf,’ you would find the Nazi leader describing the mixing of non-Germans with Germans as poisoning. The Jew, Hitler wrote, ‘poisons the blood of others’ … Donald Trump’s language mirrors this directly,” Tapper said in December 2023.

Critics argue that this biased moderation is part of a broader Deep State conspiracy to sabotage Trump’s political career. The term “Deep State” refers to an alleged clandestine network within the government that operates independently of elected officials, pushing its own agenda. This network purportedly includes intelligence agencies, bureaucrats, and media operatives working in concert to manipulate public opinion and policy.

Dana Bash’s role in this alleged conspiracy is particularly alarming given her prominent position within CNN. The Daily Caller’s investigation reveals that Bash, along with other high-profile journalists, has been involved in coordinating efforts to present a distorted view of Trump and his policies. This coordination extends to framing debates in a manner that is unfavorable to Trump and amplifying negative narratives without proper scrutiny.

One particularly egregious example of this bias is the handling of Trump’s debates during the 2020 presidential election. Bash and her colleagues were accused of unfairly targeting Trump with hostile questions while giving his opponent, Joe Biden, a pass. This uneven treatment not only skewed public perception but also contributed to the dissemination of misinformation about Trump’s policies and actions.

The implications of these revelations are profound. If senior journalists at a major news network are indeed colluding with the Deep State to undermine a sitting president, it represents a severe breach of journalistic ethics and public trust. Such actions erode the foundation of democracy by manipulating the information that voters rely on to make informed decisions.

It is essential to recognize the broader context in which these actions occurred. The Trump presidency was marked by unprecedented levels of media hostility, with many outlets abandoning traditional journalistic standards in favor of activism. This trend was particularly evident at CNN, where anchors and reporters often crossed the line between reporting and editorializing.

Bash’s actions, as outlined by the Daily Caller, are indicative of this broader trend. Her involvement in propagating a false narrative about Trump is part of a larger pattern of media malpractice that has plagued American journalism in recent years. The willingness of journalists to forgo impartiality in favor of advancing a political agenda is a troubling development that undermines the role of the press as a watchdog of democracy.

In response to these allegations, CNN has remained largely silent, refusing to address the specifics of the claims made against its moderators. This silence only serves to further erode the network’s credibility and fuel suspicions of complicity in a Deep State conspiracy.

The New York Post’s coverage adds another layer to this narrative by highlighting the long-standing animosity that CNN’s moderators have displayed toward Trump. The Post recounts instances where CNN figures have made inflammatory statements about Trump, often without evidence to support their claims. This pattern of behavior suggests a concerted effort to delegitimize Trump through biased reporting and sensationalism.

Bash, also CNN’s host of “Inside Politics,” has made sniping remarks targeting Trump.

She has argued that “unfortunately for America,” the US Supreme Court decided to keep Trump on the Colorado ballot and suggested that the former president incited “war” domestically during his first term.

“Maybe he didn’t start any new wars abroad, but he completely incited battle after battle and even, I would say, war domestically,” Bash said in January 2021 in response to Trump’s White House farewell video.

The revelations about Dana Bash and her colleagues underscore the need for greater accountability and transparency in the media. Journalists have a responsibility to uphold the principles of fairness and impartiality, especially when moderating debates that shape the political landscape.

When they fail to do so, they not only betray the public trust but also contribute to the polarization and dysfunction that afflict our political system.

In light of these findings, it is imperative that media organizations conduct thorough internal reviews to ensure that their personnel adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Only by addressing these issues head-on can they begin to rebuild public trust and fulfill their vital role in a functioning democracy.

The conservative perspective on this issue is clear: the collusion between CNN’s debate moderators and the Deep State represents a grave threat to democratic norms and the principle of a free and fair press.

As these revelations continue to unfold, it becomes increasingly apparent that the media’s role in shaping public opinion must be scrutinized and held to account.


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