In a strategic move emblematic of his confrontational style, on Thursday former President Donald Trump’s team launched a crucial website that will give real time updates and fact checks if Biden is caught lying.

The presidential debate will take place Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, on CNN.

This initiative underscores Trump’s commitment to holding his opponent accountable and ensuring that the American public is not misled by what he perceives as Biden’s frequent misrepresentations.

“Biden has been doing political debates for 50 years, having taken part in at least 40 debates since 1972,” the website reads. “His performances are often filled with lies – about himself, about statistics, about his record, and about events that never took place.”

The newly unveiled website, “Fact Check Biden, aims to serve as a real-time repository of information to counter Biden’s statements during debates. According to Trump’s campaign, the site will provide instant fact-checks and corrections, offering the public what they describe as an unvarnished truth.

This digital strategy is indicative of Trump’s broader approach to his 2024 campaign, where he emphasizes transparency and direct communication with voters.

Trump’s spokesperson remarked on the necessity of such a platform, stating, “Joe Biden has a long history of fabricating stories and misleading the American people. This website will ensure that every false claim he makes during the debates is promptly addressed and corrected”.

Watch the presidential debate Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET, on CNN.

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