The 2024 Election Fix Is In – Only We Can Stop It

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The 2024 Election Fix Is In – Only YOU Can Stop It!


Early on the 4th of July I received this message from John L Kachelman, Jr., who has provided exceptional stories over the past few years about the rise of communism and what is going on in America today:

Thanks Joe! Sadly the courageous citizens that brought us independence from governmental tyranny have vanished into the gulags of tyranny. The independence gained by bold valor and firm resolve has been surrendered by a citizenry that glutted on selfishness and sold its soul for governmental conveniences. The courageous voices of freedom have been intimidated, hushed or imprisoned and hardly a squeak of objection has arisen as more and more are persecuted. And the politicians elected to uphold the Constitution and guard the citizen’s inalienable rights ignore or offer compromises that further erode the freedom that our “Independence Day” celebrates!

Unfortunately, Kachelman, Jr. is right. It is only the American citizen and divine intervention that can save this country.

For decades I traveled the US and the world leading and performing audits for a Fortune 500 Company. I was involved with process, system, data, client, compliance, fraud and all types of audits.

I led audits in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, India, and many other countries. I presented to executives, audit committees, risk committees and boards in numerous countries and was stationed in Hong Kong for nearly a decade.

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