Biden Campaign Staff Reportedly ‘Miserable’

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President Joe Biden is leaving his staff  “miserable” as he pushes on with his reelection campaign in defiance of voices calling for him to step aside.

Many White House, Biden campaign and Democratic officials are increasingly worried that President Biden isn’t up to continuing his campaign or finishing a second term, a report that was published on Friday claims.

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Axios reports Biden’s determination to push on in the wake of his disastrous debate showing is best seen in his insistence he will not be challenged, much to the despair of those whose job it is to keep him functioning at the highest level possible.

“Everyone is miserable, and senior advisers are a total black hole,” a White House official told the outlet.

“Even if you’re trying to focus on work, nothing is going to break through or get any acknowledgment” from bosses.

The Axios story goes on to relate a high-ranking Democratic National Committee (DNC) official expounded: “The only thing that can really allay concerns is for the president to demonstrate that he’s capable of running this campaign.”

Axios continued: “Everything else feels like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ by his inner circle to prop him up.”



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