Biden Says He’s “Proud” To Be “The First Black Woman to Serve with a Black President”

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According to reports, Joe Biden did so poorly in last weeks debate with former President Donald J Trump that he reportedly told one of his confidants that is considering ending his presidential bid for a second term.

In addition, Joe Biden’s handlers scheduled two pre-recorded radio interviews trying to rehabilitate Biden’s public opinion numbers, one with Wisconsin-based WAUK and the other with Philly-based WURD.

The pair of interviews aired Thursday morning.

During the pre-recorded interview with the black-owned Philly-based radio station WURD, the two discussed his campaign strategy after his disastrous debate performance.

Unfortunately for the Biden team their Manchurian candidates’ wires got crossed again, this time as he tried to boast about his VP Kamala Harris and his days serving as Obama’s Vice President.

The significantly declining 46th President of the United States told black radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders that he’s proud to be the first black woman to serve with a black president.

And by the way, I’m proud to be – as I’ve said – the first Vice President – first black woman to serve with a black president,” Biden said.

The the other interview, this time on Wisconsin-based Earl Ingram on WAUK, Bide admitted that he screwed up during last Thursday’s debate.

“I had a bad night. A bad night. I screwed up,” Biden said. “But 90 minutes on stage does not erase what I’ve done for 3.5 years.”


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