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Wisconsin Supreme Court Reverses Ban on Ballot Drop Boxes

In a landmark decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has reinstated the use of ballot drop boxes, overturning a previous ban that had severely restricted their use. This ruling, handed down on July 5, 2024, marks a significant development in the ongoing debate over election integrity and accessibility in the state.

The court’s decision reverses a 2022 ruling that barred most ballot drop boxes, a move that had been criticized by many as an impediment to voting access. The reinstatement of drop boxes is expected to have a substantial impact on future elections, particularly in urban areas where such boxes are heavily utilized.

The use of absentee voting exploded during the pandemic in 2020, with more than 40% of all voters casting mail ballots, a record high. At least 500 drop boxes were set up in more than 430 communities for the election that year, including more than a dozen each in Madison and Milwaukee — the state’s two most heavily Democratic cities.

Former President Donald J. Trump and Republicans insist that drop boxes facilitate cheating and most likely affected the results in 2020.

The Court’s Rationale

The majority opinion, authored by Justice Rebecca Dallet, emphasized the importance of voter accessibility and the constitutional right to vote. “The ability to cast a ballot without unnecessary burdens is fundamental to our democracy,” Dallet wrote. The decision was supported by a 4-3 majority, reflecting the deeply divided nature of the court on this issue.

Critics of the original ban argued that it disproportionately affected minority and low-income voters who may have limited access to traditional polling places. Supporters of the ban, however, maintained that it was necessary to prevent potential voter fraud and ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

All three conservative justices dissented. Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote that the liberals are simply trying to advance their political agenda and criticized them for ignoring the precedent set by the 2022 ruling.

“The majority in this case overrules (the 2022 decision) not because it is legally erroneous, but because the majority finds it politically inconvenient,” Bradley wrote. “The majority’s activism marks another triumph of political power over legal principle in this court.”

“The majority in this case overrules (the 2022 decision) not because it is legally erroneous, but because the majority finds it politically inconvenient,” Bradley wrote. “The majority’s activism marks another triumph of political power over legal principle in this court.”

Implications for Voter Access and Election Integrity

The reinstatement of ballot drop boxes is likely to increase voter participation by providing more options for absentee voting. In the 2020 election, the use of drop boxes surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many voters preferring this method over in-person voting or mailing their ballots.

According to NBC News, the Wisconsin Elections Commission reported that over 500 drop boxes were used in the 2020 election, significantly aiding in managing the large volume of absentee ballots. This decision is expected to restore similar levels of accessibility for future elections.

However, the ruling has not been without controversy. Opponents argue that the decision undermines efforts to secure elections against potential fraud. Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos criticized the ruling, stating, “This decision opens the door to increased risks of ballot tampering and fraud, which we have worked hard to prevent.”

Political and Legal Reactions

The decision has sparked a wave of reactions from both sides of the political spectrum. Conservative groups have expressed concern that the reinstatement of drop boxes could lead to increased opportunities for ballot harvesting and other fraudulent activities. Conversely, liberal organizations have hailed the ruling as a victory for voter rights and democracy.

WisGOP Chairman Brian Schimming

“In a setback for both the separation of powers and public trust in our elections, the left-wing justices on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin have obeyed the demands of their out-of-state donors at the expense of Wisconsin. This latest attempt by leftist justices to placate their far-left backers will not go unanswered by voters.”

According to The Post Millennial, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, praised the decision, asserting that it “reaffirms the principle that every eligible voter should have the opportunity to cast their ballot easily and securely.”

The legal battle over ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin has been closely watched as a bellwether for similar disputes across the country. The New York Times noted that this ruling could influence other states considering restrictions or expansions of absentee voting options.

The Future of Voting in Wisconsin

As Wisconsin prepares for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, the reinstatement of ballot drop boxes is expected to play a pivotal role. Voters in urban areas, particularly Milwaukee and Madison, where the use of drop boxes was previously prevalent, are likely to benefit the most from this decision.

Election officials will now need to navigate the logistics of reintroducing drop boxes, ensuring they are secure and accessible to all voters. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has already begun discussions on implementing security measures to address concerns about potential fraud.

Conservative Concerns

While the court’s decision aims to enhance voter accessibility, it has raised legitimate concerns among conservatives about election security. The potential for abuse of ballot drop boxes cannot be overlooked. Stringent measures must be put in place to ensure that these drop boxes do not become a loophole for fraudulent activities.

As the debate over election integrity continues, it is imperative to strike a balance between accessibility and security. The reinstatement of ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin is a critical test case for how states can navigate these complex issues.


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