Trump’s Influence Seen In Newly Approved RNC Platform

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The RNC Approves Trump-Endorsed Platform, Emphasizes Border Security

On Monday a Republican National Committee (RNC) panel passed a draft party platform dramatically shifting the GOP’s stance on abortion and removing the party’s definition of marriage, mirroring former President Trump’s views on the 2 controversial social issues.

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Border Security and Immigration

One of the central pillars of the newly approved platform is a strong emphasis on border security. The RNC’s endorsement highlights a commitment to building on the policies Trump championed during his tenure. The platform outlines plans for completing the construction of the border wall, a signature Trump initiative, and implementing stricter immigration enforcement measures.

This approach aligns with the broader Republican stance on prioritizing national security and curbing illegal immigration.

According to the platform, “Securing our borders is essential for maintaining national sovereignty and ensuring the safety of American citizens.” The RNC’s approval signals a continuation of policies aimed at reducing illegal crossings and enhancing the nation’s immigration system.

Economic Policies: Tax Cuts and Energy Independence

Economic growth and job creation are also focal points of the RNC’s platform. The committee has endorsed policies that include substantial tax cuts for workers and businesses, reflecting Trump’s tax reform agenda. The platform emphasizes the importance of reducing the tax burden to stimulate economic activity and promote job creation.

“Lowering taxes is crucial for empowering American workers and businesses,” the platform states. This approach is designed to foster a business-friendly environment, encouraging investment and economic expansion.

Energy independence is another key component of the platform. The RNC supports policies aimed at maximizing the exploitation of domestic energy resources, reducing reliance on foreign oil, and promoting energy self-sufficiency. This stance is in line with Trump’s “America First” energy policy, which advocated for the development of domestic energy infrastructure and deregulation.

Protection of Constitutional Rights

The RNC’s platform also places a strong emphasis on protecting constitutional rights, particularly those enshrined in the Bill of Rights. The committee has reiterated its commitment to defending the Second Amendment, advocating for the right to bear arms and opposing any measures perceived as infringing upon this right.

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“Protecting our constitutional rights is fundamental to our democracy,” the platform asserts. This includes a focus on safeguarding religious freedoms, free speech, and other individual liberties that are seen as under threat from progressive policies.

Trump’s Enduring Influence

The approval of this Trump-centric platform underscores the former president’s enduring influence over the Republican Party. Despite facing significant opposition and controversy during his tenure, Trump’s policies and rhetoric continue to resonate with a substantial portion of the party’s base. The RNC’s endorsement of this platform can be seen as a strategic move to consolidate support among Trump’s loyal followers while also appealing to broader conservative principles.

This development has sparked discussions about the future direction of the Republican Party. By aligning closely with Trump’s policy agenda, the RNC is signaling a commitment to the principles that energized the party’s base and propelled Trump to victory in 2016.

Criticisms and Controversies

While the platform has garnered strong support within the party, it has also faced criticism from various quarters. Opponents argue that the focus on Trump’s policies could alienate moderate Republicans and independent voters who may be critical of his administration’s approach.

There are concerns that this alignment may hinder efforts to broaden the party’s appeal and attract a more diverse electorate.

It notably drops a call for a national ban on abortion advocated by staunch anti-abortion activists and adopts Trump’s position of leaving the question up to the states.

“After 51 years, because of us, that power (over abortion) has been given to the States and to a vote of the People,” the proposed platform says. “We will oppose Late Term Abortion, while supporting mothers and policies that advance Prenatal Care, access to Birth Control, and IVF (fertility treatments).”

It also abandoned a reference to “traditional marriage” as being between a man and a woman, according to The New York Times.

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However, supporters of the platform contend that staying true to these conservative principles is essential for maintaining the party’s identity and values. They argue that the platform’s emphasis on border security, economic growth, and constitutional rights resonates with core Republican values and will help galvanize support ahead of future elections.

Conservative Perspective

From a conservative standpoint, the RNC’s approval of a Trump-endorsed platform is a reaffirmation of the party’s commitment to the policies that defined his presidency. This platform is seen as a blueprint for advancing conservative principles and addressing the key issues facing the nation.

The focus on border security is particularly crucial for safeguarding national sovereignty and ensuring the safety of American citizens. By prioritizing stricter immigration enforcement and completing the border wall, the platform aims to address longstanding concerns about illegal immigration and its impact on the nation.

Economic policies centered on tax cuts and energy independence are also essential for fostering economic growth and job creation. Reducing the tax burden on workers and businesses will stimulate economic activity and encourage investment. Promoting domestic energy production will enhance the nation’s energy security and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

The emphasis on protecting constitutional rights underscores the party’s commitment to defending individual liberties and opposing policies perceived as infringing upon these rights. This includes a strong stance on the Second Amendment and the protection of religious freedoms and free speech.


The RNC’s endorsement of a Trump-endorsed party platform signifies a continued alignment with the policies and principles that defined his presidency. This platform, with its focus on border security, economic growth, energy independence, and constitutional rights, reflects a robust conservative agenda aimed at addressing the key issues facing the nation. While it may face criticism from some quarters, the platform is seen by supporters as essential for maintaining the party’s identity and values, and galvanizing support ahead of future elections.


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