Harvard Professor Claims ‘All Hell Broke Loose’ Over Findings On Racial Bias In Police Shootings
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A Harvard professor’s work on police shootings landed him in the crosshairs of racial bias when “all hell broke loose” over publishing his findings.

“…I realized people lose their minds if they don’t like the result.”

Recently, journalist Bari Weiss sat down for a live Q&A with Harvard Economics professor Roland Fryer at the fledgling University of Austin where she is a founding trustee. As they engaged in a discussion before prospective students, the award-winning academic addressed a 2016 controversy that involved his findings that determined no “racial bias in police shooting.”

Explaining that he “expected to see it,” Fryer’s analysis showed that while non-fatal physical force from police officers was twice as likely to be used against blacks and Hispanics, the same could not be said for shootings.

His research found officers were 23.8% less likely to shoot at blacks and 8.5% less likely to shoot at Hispanics than white perpetrators.

“When I found this surprising result, I hired 8 fresh [resident advisors] and redid it to make sure they came up with the same exact answer and I thought it was robust,” he explained to Weiss. “And I went to go give it and, my God, all hell broke loose.”

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