HUGE – Trump Leading Biden In All 7 Swing States—Inflation And Immigration Top Voter Concerns

Former President Donald Trump would beat President Joe Biden in all seven swing states if the election were held today, according to a new survey—the latest to show Trump leading less than 5 months before the November election, despite the lawfare, felony convictions in Manhattan earlier this month.

Trump would beat Biden 37% to 35% overall in the seven swing states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada), according to the Ipsos poll released Thursday, which breaks down the results by region and gave voters the option of choosing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (6%), another candidate (4%), not voting (4%) or undecided (15%).

In a head-to-head matchup, with the option to skip the question, Trump would beat Biden 48% to 43%, according to the survey of 2,453 adults conducted June 4-12 (margin of error 2.5).

In a two-way race, Trump leads Biden by seven points in the Southeast (Georgia and North Carolina) and by 10 points in the Midwest (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), but trails Biden by 12 points in the Southwest (Arizona and Nevada).

A plurality of voters in all three regions said inflation and increasing costs is the most important issue facing the country, followed by immigration.

The survey is the latest to show Trump with an advantage in the seven crucial swing states (six of which Biden won in 2020, with the exception of North Carolina) that will likely determine who wins the November election—according to Real Clear Politics’ polling averages, Trump leads Biden in all seven states.

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