Joe Biden Gets ‘Worst-Ever’ Polling Result in Democratic Stronghold

President Joe Biden’s favorability rating is its “worst ever” in the Democratic stronghold of New York while former President Donald Trump has made minimal gains in the state, according to a Siena College poll.

In 2020, Biden won New York by nearly 2 million votes, a roughly 23 percent margin over Trump. New York, which has remained a blue state for the most part since the Great Depression, has voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in the past nine elections and, in six of those, the nominee won by a 20 percent margin.

With the election less than five months away, Biden was viewed as favorable by 42 percent of New Yorkers while 53 percent had an unfavorable view of him, according to the Siena poll conducted between June 12 and 17.

When the poll was published on Thursday, Siena College Research Institute said that June’s favorability rating is Biden’s “worst-ever” rating in the Empire State. In May, his favorability rating was 45 percent to 50 percent unfavorable and in April it was 45 percent to 52 percent.


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