Biden’s Campaign in Peril: 25 Dems Push for Exit

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25 Congressional Democrats Preparing to Call on Joe Biden to End Presidential Campaign Following Catastrophic Debate

In an unprecedented move, twenty-five Congressional Democrats are poised to demand that President Joe Biden withdraw from the 2024 presidential race after a disastrous debate performance.

This faction believes that Biden’s continued candidacy could jeopardize the party’s chances in the general election, potentially paving the way for a Republican victory.

This internal rift signifies a significant moment in the Democratic Party, highlighting growing concerns about Biden’s ability to lead and win the forthcoming election.

A Shaky Performance

President Biden’s recent debate performance has been widely criticized as lacking coherence and vitality, raising alarms among his supporters and detractors alike. During the debate, Biden struggled to articulate his policy positions and appeared visibly fatigued, prompting doubts about his capacity to endure the rigors of another campaign.

According to Reuters, Biden sought to reassure Democratic governors in a meeting following the debate. He acknowledged the concerns surrounding his performance but emphasized his administration’s achievements and ongoing commitment to addressing the nation’s pressing issues. Despite his efforts, the apprehension within the party has only intensified .

Democratic Dissent

The Gateway Pundit reports that these Democrats are expressing frustration over Biden’s perceived inability to effectively communicate his vision and defend his administration’s record. They argue that a new candidate is essential to energize the base and present a compelling alternative to the Republican nominee .

Even former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sudden flipped on Tuesday. The influential political figure is now saying she is concerned about Biden’s mental acuity after dismissing concerns just over the weekend. She told MSNBC it was a fair question whether his performance at the debate was a one-off or a sign of a more significant health issues.

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“I think it’s a legitimate question to say, ‘Is this an episode or is this a condition?’ And so when people ask that question, it’s legitimate, of both candidates,” Pelosi said.


The Stakes for the Democratic Party

This internal conflict within the Democratic Party underscores the high stakes of the upcoming election. With the Republicans rallying behind a strong candidate, the Democrats must present a united and vigorous front to retain the presidency. The current disarray threatens to fracture the party and alienate key voter demographics.

Biden’s supporters contend that his experience and achievements, particularly in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and advancing significant legislative measures, make him the best candidate to lead the nation. However, critics within his own party argue that these accomplishments are overshadowed by his declining public performances and the perception of frailty.

Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) later that day said that Biden would lose to Trump in the election and has made his peace with it. “Democracy will be just fine,” he explained.

The Conservative Perspective

From a conservative viewpoint, the internal turmoil within the Democratic Party is indicative of broader systemic issues. The reluctance of Democratic leaders to rally unequivocally behind their incumbent president highlights a lack of confidence in Biden’s leadership. This disunity is seen as a potential boon for the Republican Party, which can capitalize on the Democrats’ internal conflicts and present a more cohesive vision to the electorate.

Conservative commentators have long questioned Biden’s suitability for office, citing his frequent verbal missteps and apparent cognitive decline. The current situation seems to validate these concerns, reinforcing the narrative that Biden is unfit to lead. Furthermore, the conservative critique extends to the Democratic Party’s decision-making process, suggesting that the party is out of touch with the needs and desires of the American populace.

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Potential Outcomes

The impending call for Biden to withdraw could lead to several outcomes. Should Biden heed the call, the Democratic Party would face the daunting task of selecting a new candidate capable of unifying the party and mounting a robust campaign against the Republicans.

Potential contenders include Vice President Kamala Harris, who has maintained a relatively low profile, and other prominent figures such as California Governor Gavin Newsom and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

Alternatively, if Biden chooses to remain in the race, he would need to undertake significant efforts to address the concerns raised by his critics and revitalize his campaign. This would likely involve a more vigorous public presence, strategic policy proposals, and enhanced communication efforts to rebuild confidence among Democratic voters and leaders.


The unfolding drama within the Democratic Party presents a critical juncture in the 2024 presidential race. The potential withdrawal of President Joe Biden from the campaign would mark a historic and unprecedented development, reshaping the political landscape and setting the stage for a contentious and high-stakes election. As the Democratic Party navigates this internal crisis, the implications for the nation’s future leadership and governance remain profound and far-reaching.


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