Venezuelan Murder Rate Declines as Criminals Flee to the U.S.

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Venezuela’s murder rate has fallen to its lowest level in 22 years, according to the Venezuelan Violence Observatory (OVV). The rate now stands at 26.8 violent deaths per 100,000 people, down from 35.3 per 100,000 in 2022.

This dramatic decline coincides with a mass exodus of Venezuelans, including a significant number of violent criminals, to the United States.

As a result the NYPD is concerned over the Venezuelan migrant gangs operating in the Big Apple:

Roberto Briceño-León, OVV director, attributes this reduction to the collapse of the country’s economy, which has reduced opportunities for crimes such as extortion and kidnapping. Briceño-León stated, “Crime is falling in Venezuela because of the destruction of the country’s economy and the loss of opportunities for crime.”

As economic conditions worsen, many Venezuelans have fled, seeking better opportunities abroad. However, this migration has included individuals with criminal backgrounds, raising concerns in destination countries, particularly the United States. Since 2021, over 10 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S., with many undocumented and possessing undisclosed criminal histories.

The Gateway Pundit reports that this influx has led to numerous violent crimes across the United States. For instance, Venezuelan illegal aliens in Texas were arrested for the brutal abduction, rape, and murder of a 12-year-old girl, sparking outrage among the American public. Another case involved José Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan illegal alien charged with the murder of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley.

These incidents have intensified conservative criticism of the current administration’s immigration policies. Critics argue that the liberal stance on open borders has allowed dangerous individuals to enter the country unchecked, compromising national security and public safety. They call for stricter border controls and comprehensive vetting processes to ensure that only law-abiding individuals are permitted entry.

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The decline in Venezuela’s murder rate is a stark contrast to the rise in violent crimes linked to Venezuelan migrants in the U.S. This situation underscores the importance of robust immigration enforcement to protect American citizens from imported criminal activities.


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