Artificial Intelligence Being Used To Blackmail Teens With Fake Nudes

The FBI is warning families about the rise of online “sextortion,” as criminal rings are beginning to use artificial intelligence (AI) to blackmail teenage victims with faked sexually explicit images.

Financial sextortion often involves an offender coercing a minor to send sexual photos or videos of themselves, then threatening to release that content unless they pay up.

“Offenders threaten to release that compromising material unless they receive payment, which is often requested in gift cards, mobile payment services, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency,” the FBI’s Little Rock, Arkansas, field office said in a January 25 press release. “These offenders are motivated by financial gain, not necessarily just sexual gratification.”

While victims tend to be teenage boys, the bureau asserts that “any child can become a victim.”

The offenders are usually part of criminal rings located outside of the U.S., primarily in West African and Southeast Asian countries.



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